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“I’m looking for collaborations and potentially to be a guest on podcasts that feature SaaS marketers (especially from B2B startups)”

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About Me

B2B SaaS Podcast marketer / Owner of Forward Launch, and host of Forward Launch Your SaaS - a soon-to-launch podcast that features top marketing executives of B2B SaaS startups who share the insights they gained from growing their business.

I’m looking for collaborations, ad swaps and potentially to be a guest on podcasts in the SaaS space

I’m looking to collaborate with shows...

  • that feature SaaS marketers as guests. I want to form a collaboration where we help each other find relevant guests for our respective shows.
  • that ideally focus on B2B and/or startups
  • that care about ethical marketing and/or social impact

A few topics I can speak to as a guest:

  • Marketing for software startups, especially Business-to-Business (B2B) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies
  • Marketing / growth / inbound marketing / content marketing tactics for scaling SaaS startups that have at least a little traction and have achieved product-market fit (e.g. Series A or later if funded)

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Profile artwork for Keirra Woodard
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