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Kaitlin McGreyes

“Doula takes on baby shower industry: Gift registry for support helps mothers access postpartum care to address maternal healthcare crisis.”


About Me

I am the founder and CEO of Be Her Village. I have been working in the maternal healthcare field since 2014 after two birth experiences led me into doula work. I built a doula team, ran a doula mentorship program, sat on the council of Long Island Doula Association, and lobbied state politicians to pass midwife and birth center friendly laws. In 2019 I founded BeHerVillage.

The gift registry for what moms really need. Support, not stuff. 

Why BeHerVillage? 

New mothers are inundated with gifts for their babies while unable to access basic support for themselves. The US is the only developed country with no paid parental leave, no guaranteed in-home postpartum care, and we have the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world. 

There are $12 BILLION ($12,000,000,000) spent each year in the US on baby gifts.

And yet, mothers are STRUGGLING.

BeHerVillage is a gift registry for support, not stuff. So that moms get the support they need as gifts at their baby shower.

What kind of support? 

Doulas - Lactation - Pelvic floor - Postpartum Care - Meals + More

Parents need a village of support as they welcome their babies and we are helping them access the funds they need to pay for it.

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Profile artwork for Kaitlin McGreyes
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