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“Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan. Sometimes, it's for the better. Let me share what I've learned about Spirit with your audience.”

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About Me

Julia Marie is an intuitive Medium with an international clientele. She lives what she teaches, and she's been living it for almost 35 years.

She has a deep understanding of many areas of metaphysics and spirituality gained through personal experience. Her life is her laboratory.

She can speak on diverse topics: Intuition and Intuitive Development, Mediums and Afterlife Communication, Energy Healing, Channeling and Trance Communication - The potential of altered states. (Please connect with me and we can explore other subject matter.)

She is currently working on completing her first solo book project, a spiritual memoir of awakening. She shares stories from her journey to illustrate how the principles she learned from her connection to The Infinite worked in her waking life. The book is a unique approach to both the spiritual memoir genre and the how-to category of spiritual books. The target for release is the end of 2023.

Although most of what she knows she learned through direct interaction with higher Awareness, she also pursued training and received certifications in the the following areas: Past Life Regression, Mediumship, Sound Healing, Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing (Reiki Master Teacher). Her certifications are listed on her website:

I can't wait to start a deep conversation with you! If you want to hear how I approach a conversation, listen to Evolving Humans with Julia Marie. I look forward to connecting with you.

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Profile artwork for Julia Marie
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