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“What are you optimizing for? I founded & exited a 7-figure business. Let's talk about purpose, balance, and mental health for entrepreneurs.”

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About Me

Josh Boone is an award-winning entrepreneur, marketing strategist, advisor, and host of The Josh Boone Show podcast.

"Josh Boone has this "If Charlie Rose and Socrates had a love child" quality to the way he engages people." Sam McNerney, Applied Behavioral Scientist

Topics we can explore on society, life, and purpose:

  • Living an intentional life. What are you optimizing for?
  • Stress & burnout.
  • Longevity, nootropics & supplements.
  • Mental health: particularly ADHD, anxiety, and bipolar.
  • The difficulties of being an entrepreneur.
  • Polyamory, relationships, and how to authentically make friends.
  • Traveling, digital nomads, and remote work.
  • Tea 🍵

See a ton of my past podcast appearances here. 👈

"Josh is an expert at pulling ideas from the ether into reality and making them practical and implementable." – Zaid Hisham (Ex: Apple, Microsoft, Intel.)

Just a few talking points of things we can discuss within marketing/business:

  • The struggle of work/life balance.
  • The majority of entrepreneurs (72%) have 1 or more mental health issues, yet nobody talks about it.
  • What it's like being a high-functioning entrepreneur with ADHD, generalized anxiety disorder, and bipolar II.
  • How to travel full-time and run a business.
  • How to decide when it’s time to exit your business and start an entirely new path.
  • The harsh realities of running an agency: why burnout, employee turnover, and client churn are so prevalent.
  • What most founders discover about venture capital when it’s too late.
  • How to take advantage of blind spots of big companies.
  • The no BS (and most effective) approach to sales.
  • The key to high-end selling is authenticity.
  • How most people get SEO and content strategy wrong.
  • Why and how to build an authentic voice for your brand.

"Josh just took my company 10x with his advice, maybe more..."Abdoul Diallo, Founder of ShopX

My goal for appearing on podcasts is spreading awareness of:

  • The mental health, identity, and purpose issues in the entrepreneur/startup community.
  • Unsustainable marketing/business practices, particularly in VC-backed startups.
  • The issues of incentive within business and society at large.

Ideal audience: 

  • Entrepreneurs (particularly with ADHD, anxiety, bipolar or other mental health issues)
  • Consultants
  • Creatives


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