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“I am a meditation practitioner and philosopher with some new and interesting ideas that I'd like to share.”

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About Me

Josh Bachynski is an expert marketer and SEO with over 20 years business branding, marketing and SEO experience. Josh is an industry leader with encyclopedic, intimate "insider secret" level knowledge of Google's search algorithms with numerous personal Google contacts, SEO experiments, and thousands of pages ranking page 1. Josh has spoken on Google search for over 20 years, including a TEDx talk "The Future of Google, Search and Ethics", a soon to be released documentary film on Google called "Don't Be Evil: Google's Secret War" and his own SEO related podcast with over 16k subscribers "The White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO Show" Josh has PhD (ABD) and Master's Degree in Ethics and Decision Theory and a book coming out on our global political scenario and the collapse of culture entitled "The Zombies." (And, as if that wasn't enough) in his spare time, Josh practices and teaches martial arts with 3 black belts, and lives in the beautiful city of Victoria BC Canada with his darling wife.

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