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Joe-y Busuttil

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“Surrendering to life is liberating. MENS mental & Sexual freedom evolves via true surrender and finding acceptance through vulnerability.”

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About Me

I thought I had a blessed life! Things always seemed to go well and it was easy.

Until one day I woke up and couldn’t walk, finding myself facing my biggest challenge. I realised that my life was nearly smoke and mirrors and I had to learn to surrender to learn how to walk again.

Becoming open to learning more I discovered how the ego fools us to believe we are happy, when deep down we are empty vessels.

Self Acceptance means exactly that - loving both the good and the bad parts of self, learning to take complete ownership of ALL of one’s life.

This journey allowed me to let go of material fulfilment and to seek the gold within me. Leading me to become an advocate for mental health awareness and total inner health.

I focus on the art of being and how to learn how to completely surrender to everything.

Im a psychotherapist who also advocates for MENS mental and sexual health.

I host the Harder SHAFT podcasts:


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Profile artwork for Joe-y Busuttil
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