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Jessica Rae Saleh

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“I moved across the world, found my soulmate, had a baby, started 3 businesses, & travelled to 15 different countries in the last 6 years.”

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About Me

I'm Jessica Rae, a mother, born creator and philanthropist. Originally from Chicago, now living in London 5+ years. I am founder of Social Paradise, a powerful social media strategy used by one of the largest e-commerce sites in the UK and Co-Founder of Eleven Eleven, a digital retreat that takes women on a journey to conquer their goals with self-care, affirmations, manifestation meditations, sound healing and more. In February 2022, I founded Hiii, a vegan, gluten-free, CBD wellness brand based in London and since then, this has been the forefront of my career. Providing others with the mood-boosting benefits of CBD and wellness routines lights me up. 

Making other people happy and filling the world with good energy is my passion and my life purpose. I am willing to talk anything from "Leave your Office Job and Hit 10K months, Make 4 Times Your Salary", with my Dive Into Social Paradise, Becoming a Social Media Freelancer course, "CBD and the Way it Could Improve your lifestyle", with Hiii CBD, or "Start Living Your Dream Life" with Eleven Eleven. I am an open book and willing to talk about any of those general (or deep) ideas/topics!

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Profile artwork for Jessica Rae Saleh
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