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Jennifer Countess von Walderdorff

“I am a British 37 year old fashion specialist and author of my new book “Look @ the Labels” - an empowering shopping guide to buy smarter.”


About Me

My name is Jennifer Countess von Walderdorff, I am a 37 years young, London-born fashion analyst and author of my debut book “Look @ the Labels”. I am married into German aristocracy, hence the title in my surname (also my pen name), but I generally go by Jennifer Walderdorff. I have been working in fashion retail for over 15 years, across categories and leading various departments. I decided to take my knowledge from both sides of the brand and retailers to empower the consumer in my book. I believe knowledge is power, and my book is a guide to shopping smarter, getting what we need, leaving what we don’t and reducing waste.

I can speak in detail on the details provided on labels of new, vintage, and pre-loved fashion, which provide insight into the item's longevity. Including fabrication, clothing care cleaning instructions and how to prolong the life of items. As well as how to shop for quality even on a budget, where to go, and what to look for. As well as “shopping for your shape” and increasing the scope of what you think you can wear, including those unworn pieces which may only need a restyle so you can put your best foot forward in clothing you’ve already invested in. I can talk for days about the fashion and textile industry, from fast fashion to luxury, including strategic, marketing and trend-led tactics of global brands and retailers. I can also summarise sustainability topics, including greenwashing, sustainability certifications, other eco-conscious practices and labour rights in Asia.

My Instagram has material of me talking on these topics. From my years of performing arts as a youngster, I am very comfortable in front of the camera and can am giving it my best shot at making fashion analytics a sexy topic.

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Profile artwork for Jennifer Countess von Walderdorff
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