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“We are Quantum Relationship Coaches who work with LGBTQ+ individuals who are desiring Spiritually-based relationships and authentic love.”

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About Me

We are Quantum Relationship Coaches who work with the LGBTQ+ community.  Our mission is to bring more love to the world, one relationship at a time.  We focus on creating holy relationships through teaching self-love, boundaries and communication. We have been married for a year and have been through the wringer in our relationship: We met, disability occurred, we broke up, found our Authentic Self based on our Spiritual Path and then found our way back to a solid, healthy, loving relationship.   We have identified the major components that go wrong in relationships and have developed tools to help people learn the ways to have true intimacy and build rock-solid relationships.  

Jennifer’s experience included 2 degrees in psychology and is currently working towards her PhD in Metaphysical Holistic Counseling.  Stephanie has a master’s degree in social work and has been working as a therapist for many years.  We both love to talk with people, hear their stories and help them find their Authentic Self and guide them to the Life of their Dreams!

We have an amazing fairytale story that we love to share and bring hope to all those struggling with their relationships in life. We would love to chat with you about the opportunity to be a guest on your podcast. If this piques your interest, please reach out to us so we can chat about all the possibilities!

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Profile artwork for Jennifer & Stephanie PageWise
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