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Harlan Hammack

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“I am passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs become more effective, courageous leaders.”

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About Me

I am a highly respected and sought-after Business and Leadership coach. speaker, and author. I specialize in helping business owners “turn common sense into common practice” by systematizing their business processes so that they are measurable, repeatable, and scalable.

I help business owners create an enterprise that runs for them, generates revenue and profit for them, without them having to be there.

I am the host of "The Courage to Lead" podcast ( where I interview guests to ask where they found the courage to start their business, to leave the comfort of the 9-5 job, and to achieve their current success. I explore the traits and qualities of leadership and the courage it takes to be an effective leader.

I am also the author of two books on business: BARNSTORMING: A Pilot's Guide to Growing Your Business and FLIGHT PLANNING: A Pilot's Guide to Business Success.

I will bring value to your listeners through my 25+ years of management consulting experience, my personal experience as an entrepreneur, and my coaching success.

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Profile artwork for Harlan Hammack
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