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“Managing Director turns into a serial podcaster / mobile application CEO”

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About Me

A dynamic leader and entrepreneur who understands business and the humans who power it, he has an uncanny ability to anticipate trends and see things others cannot. Gregory views a company and its operations holistically, quickly spotting its inefficiencies and vulnerabilities and then crafting solutions to remove them.

As a prior Navy veteran, Gregory cares deeply about his work, and nothing makes him happier than using his infectious energy to engage with companies to identify and help tackle issues head-on. To him, the bigger the challenge, the greater the opportunity to provide value.As founder and Managing Director of SchXer, he uses his unique talents as an organizational resiliency advisor, helping companies mitigate risk so they can survive and prosper long-term.

Gregory views business transformation as an opportunity for massive growth—provided you understand how to deal with critical situations, and create plans to make successful transitions—and has applied this thinking to his own business multiple times.

But even after more than 20 years advising domestic and international startups to Fortune 500 companies, Gregory wasn’t content to rest on his laurels. When he saw companies struggling with another unmet need, he transformed his business to help companies anticipate, prepare for, respond, and adapt to sudden market changes and global disruptions.

Burnt out, Gregory decides to flip us course and direction into something more personally fulfilling by developing an unscripted & unbridled podcast called Kut2thachase. Kut2thachase is about providing a platform for friends, family and professionals to talk about things that impact our ability to thrive. We are in the midst of looking for unique guests that are willing to talk unscripted & unbridled.  

I’ve always been attracted to stories of transformation, and learning how others managed to overcome their circumstances, using it as an opportunity for massive growth. These captivating tales are rarely surface level; they’re rooted in real, and oftentimes raw experiences.

So, when I started my podcast, I knew I wanted to highlight the authentic back stories of my guests, empowering others who hear their accounts of redemption, change, and triumph to overcome their own challenges and thrive.

I also wanted to share these stories through the lens of unity, understanding, and harmonization, and to move us forward collectively—all within an easily digestible and value-packed 30 minutes.

All of our conversations are unscripted and unbridled yet relaxed. I tap into the psyches, hearts, and minds of my guests to deliver stories and experiences familiar to many yet rarely spoken and never before shared. My guests are invited to lose the pretense and Kut2thachase

Gregory is also the Co-founder of Tru-Spot AR which is a technology company specializing in augmented reality for online virtual seat purchasing, immersive game viewing, & distance measurement.

The positioning technology allows sports fans or concert goers to partake in real-time events without leaving the comfort & safety of their homes, going beyond live-streaming and delivering control of the experience into the hands of fans.

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