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“Entrepreneur who has successfully sold multiple companies in the food & beverage industry. Over 30yrs of exp & stories to share w/ audiences”

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Passion doesn’t happen overnight, neither does success. Meet Glenn Gardone, President of RED Chocolate and the embodiment of this statement. As the son of immigrant parents and having no idea what his passion would turn into, Glenn’s journey lead him to 4 of the top CPG companies in the world winning multiple awards including the prestigious Golden K (Kellogg’s top honor award). As the man himself would say, “every step you take in business helps you grow as an individual, even if you don’t notice it at that moment.” While having the privilege to lead some amazing teams throughout his career, he has learned (and continues to learn) what makes talented people successful. As a driven entrepreneur, Glenn has built teams that have successfully sold 5 companies. Glenn’s message to your audience, can be summed up with one of his favorite sayings, “being able to punch through the mud.”

Learn “even with stress, you can find success.” from the man himself, your listeners will be filled with some of the world’s best knowledge, advice, and endless amounts of laughter. Glenn’s stories while on his path to success are what books are written about, T.V. shows are casted for and what young entrepreneurs need to hear. Enjoy his conversational entertainment, it will keep you on the edge of your seat, or off it… who knows! So, be sure to strap in and get ready for takeoff, it’s about to be one hell of an adventure.

“Even with stress, you can find success.” – Glenn J. Gardone

*Fun Tip: Ask Glenn about the commercial he was in for the WWE, or better yet, the time he lost his battle to an octogenarian at the tequila plantation. 

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