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“Gerard Long is the author of 'Living Hope', which is presently Amazon’s #1 New Release & #1 Bestseller in the first week of its release.”

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About Me

On October 26th, 2019, Gerard died for 30 minutes! Miraculously, he came back to life with a sense of divine calling to write a book to share the things he had learned in a season of catastrophic suffering – the suicide of his youngest son and then the tragic death of his beautiful daughter. Gerard offers invaluable advice on how to journey through suffering. He is providing comfort and help to thousands of people online and face to face.

Gerard covers a variety of topics in his book and is open to talking about:

  • How to journey through suffering;
  • How to find God’s plan/purpose for your life;
  • How to triumph in the fight of faith; and
  • How to triumph in your marriage when all seems lost.

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Profile artwork for Gerard Long
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