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“Host of Awe Intuitive Conversation ✨ Real Estate Investor ✨ Live SMART”

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About Me

So do you believe in the philosophy of, “Work smarter, not harder?” In a world that often glamorizes the constant hustle, I'm here to encourage you to Live SMART.

Aloha! I'm Felicia Miller Johnson and I am an Intuitive, Host, and Real Estate Investor.

As an Intuitive, I have a skill of tapping into the energy field of career professionals, and I've used it to conduct some pretty amazing LinkedIn Live video interviews. I call them Awe Intuitive Conversations, and they're all about uncovering conscious and subconscious insights that help my guests and audience to Live SMART and ascend to new levels of success in both work and life.

With the spirit of Aloha, I also leverage my knowledge, experience, and intuition in the real estate field. I provide furnished mid-term rentals and long-term rentals, specializing in hosting traveling healthcare professionals, insurance claims clients, and military families. We help people live smart when they're away from home.

What is the Live SMART mindset you ask?

✨ See Yourself & Awaken: Gain a deep understanding of who you are and embrace your true potential.

✨ Master Your Emotions: Take control of your emotions and use them as powerful tools for personal growth.

✨ Ask, Know, & Receive: Learn to ask the right questions, seek knowledge, and be open to receiving abundance in all aspects of life.

✨ Relax, Relate, & Release: Find the balance between work and relaxation, build meaningful relationships, and let go of what no longer serves you.

✨ Talk Wisely & Ascend: Choose your words carefully and use them to uplift yourself and others as you ascend to new levels of success.

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