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Elizabeth Halford

“I've been told I should do standup ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm good at breaking things down in plain English. I speak like a normal person. Sweary.”


About Me

🤳 You know the feeling when you're scrolling and you stop because of the uncanny sense that they know what you've been thinking about lately?

👂 Yes, our devices are listening for opportunities, and knowing exactly what to do with that opportunity so people click, opt-in, buy, or simply stop scrolling? That's where I come in.

🤌 I help businesses curate their brand and connect with their audience by mobilizing the brand to support a marketing strategy. Simply put, I make your CTAs irresistible.

😲 Every agency I have brought in to work with my team has marveled at the stats they see when they start rooting around in the analytics of the websites and ad campaigns I manage.

Stats like...

💥 A 2% bounce rate.

⏱ Average session duration of 20 mins.

🖥 11 pages per visit.

These stats are wild. And I achieve it by giving the people what they want without them even knowing they want it.

I have been speaking, podcasting, and mentoring for 13 years. I've been told I'm funny, energetic, and I'm great at influencing ideas and getting folx excited about things.

Things I've spoken on in the past

I had a podcast before I crashed the whole website, but I got to 20 episodes!

These are things I've spoken on such as ideation and how to generate new ideas, the role of the creative brief (it has business implications, too)

This is a long interview I did on ideation cut into little chunks

Other valuable things I'd love to speak about

How to know when it's time to pivot to a new role

Working while female. So many stories, y'all.

Climbing up without going to college. I'm scrappy AF and I know how to make people like me. If a marketer can't sell themselves, are they really a marketer?

How to answer the "what's your greatest weakness?" interview question

Encouragement for people in the job search phase and how to format your resume to break through ATS (applicant tracking systems).

I used to be a semi-famous photography blogger. I was one of the OG's who started the whole thing. In 2014, I recognized a shift in the space (enter the influencer) and sold my platform to a competitor in a move some have called digital suicide.

Feedback culture (how to give and receive feedback)

How to report to a CEO (they're different from every other boss)

How to curate yourself when you're an over-communicator


I'm not good for you if...

  • You're looking for highbrow personalities. I'm just me.
  • You're not into swearing and irreverence
  • You don't want to hear some JUICY-ASS stories. I spill all the tea.


Personally, I'm a:

  • A single working mom to 3 teens
  • A special needs mom (my daughter has Rett syndrome, my son has ADHD and ASD)
  • Multiculturally influenced. I've lived, traveled, and worked all over the world and I have some wild stories and observations about the British culture, in particular.
  • I have ADHD and have learned how this affects me at work, how it's made me better at my job, and how to advocate for my needs in the workplace.

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Profile artwork for Elizabeth Halford
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