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“Polymathy, Omnichannel Content/Inbound Marketing, Advanced Swimming, Creativity, Self-Development, and even revolutionizing Education.”

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About Me

One of the first 50 people on the platform, and a Founding Member.


On a mission to create a Modular Education Platform; I created the first Modular Degree in the effort of creating a Polymathic education.

I am an aspiring #polymath, someone who learned many different areas.

I created PolyInnovator as a foundational means to build out the various careers I want out of life. I create OmniContent, which just means that each episode contains a OmniBlog Post, TeleInnovator Video, and PolyCast. Written/Video/Audio

On top of that I have a secondary series where I interview multidisciplinary people! #polymath #multipotentialite #generalist

Here is an example interview that I have been on!

PolyCast Host on Podcasts

Since I host my own show I know the ins and outs of #podcasting as whole. Making it easier for you. I've been on over a dozen other podcasts at this point, and have interviewed over 80 people on my own. This experience leads me to be a great guest on your platform!

Check out my show!

Profile: The Polymath PolyCast link

Omnichannel all the Way

I love creating content for multiple kinds of people, I don't just do the PolyCast, I also created YouTube/D.Tube videos, IGTV/Instagram Lives, Tiktok videos, and I have been blogging for a decade off and on.

The multiple types of content, let alone omnichannel approach to my inbound/content efforts, gives me a unique perspective on your show. Especially if you're a marketing or entrepreneurship based show.

My main topics are:
Self-Education Through a Modular Degree Framework
Self-Development Through the Four Pillars Philosophy
Self-Improvement with Habits and Systems
Smart City Development (Macro-View)
Omnichannel Marketing
Swimming, as I've taught Aquatic Exercise for almost a decade
Becoming a POLYMATH of Innovation (or PolyInnovator as my personal brand is also called)
And many many more.

#gregarious #talkative #creative #entrepreneurial

Would love to talk to you more about coming on!

I am open to livestreams, video podcasts, audio shows, and even long form episodes.


Poly Polymath PolyInnovator Jack of all trades PolyCast Generalist Sui Generis

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Profile artwork for Dustin Miller - PolyInnovator
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