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Dr. Sweets Wilson-Williams

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“Through the use of Inspire ME model; Dr. Wilson-Williams specializes in helping individuals transform and overcome various life challenges.”

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About Me

Dr. Wilson-Williams is a professional faith- based therapist, transformational coach, who offers mentorship and entrepreneurship development. She helps you illuminate underestimated strengths while identifying self- limiting roadblocks. Dr. Wilson-Williams assist Individuals in learning from their crisis, remove blocks to success, and gain self-mastery to direct their lives as they want to. She transforms you while giving you innovative access to power and clarity to reclaim your life and live successfully on your terms.

At Inspire ME, we ask the question, what is your purpose? Let us help you find your passion, become self-aware, improve relationships with others, make better decisions and develop creativity in all aspects of life.

We have some openings in our coaching program, mentoring program, and entrepreneur development program.

Let us help you achieve the positive change for your life to overcome life challenges and be the person God called you to be.

Take the first step and get started today by contacting; Dr. Wilson-Williams 860-469-2184 or [email protected]

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Profile artwork for Dr. Sweets Wilson-Williams
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