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Dr Egypt Iredia

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“I'm multi-passionate. My work blends poetry, occultism, spirituality, writing, creativity,healing, veganism, natural living, and philosophy.”

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About Me

Some themes/areas I can talk on:

  • multi-passionism, multi-potentialism, and non-linear thinking.
  • Unconventional career paths, crafting your own career. Authentic working.
  • Slow living and minimalism
  • metaphysics and witchcraft
  • veganism and the plant-based lifestyle
  • high vibrational lifestyle
  • sacred self-love and self-care. Self-discovery
  • conscious parenting, intentional and non-violent or gentle parenting
  • earth-based healing practices-sun gazing, emf protection, grounding, rewilding, nature connection, negative ions e.t.c.
  • creative living, and multi-passionate living
  • poetry/writing
  • herbalism, naturopathy, nutrition, sleep, toxin-free living, deep healing, natural wellness
  • Spirituality and philosophy (especially stoicism)
  • Digital minimalism and living without social media
  • Multipasionism, non-linear thinking, or multi-potential
  • Highly sensitive person living,
  • spiritual entrepreneurship/spiritual business
  • Law of attraction or manifestation

A little background

  • 80% raw vegan foodist.
  • Nature lover
  • Metaphysician, and lover of all things mystical. Truth seeker.
  • Multipassionate creative
  • slow living enthusiast and minimalist
  • Digital minimalist and generally anti-social media
  • vegan advocate and plant-based healing guide
  • Medical physician and naturopathic doctor
  • unschooling mother and gentle parenting advocate
  • Poet-
  • Writer-

Some things I believe in

  • Multipassionism+non-linear thinking
  • The joy of missing out
  • Online minimalism
  • Savoring the moments
  • Calm creativity
  • Slow and calm living
  • Going my own way
  • Spirit and magick
  • Anti-hustle work
  • Deep noticing and experiencing
  • Authentic work
  • Experience over things
  • Conscious work
  • Silence, space, and time to create and discover
  • Using my hands as much as my mind
  • Regular reflection

How your audience can benefit

  • I provide immense value and humanity first to the audience. Rather than a pitchy sales promotion of myself.
  • I can tailor my interview/discussion to any of the above themes.
  • I'll approach it from a down-to-earth soul-based approach. Bringin raw authenticity into the conversation
  • I will adopt a non-judgemental and compassionate tone throughout the interview in order for people to relate to
  • I'll be a guiding force to help people reclaim their own voice and soul-callings
  • I'm an outside-the-box thinker, and the interview/discussion will not be a dull one!
  • I'll do my research about your podcast prior to our session, so I can come in armed with some knowledge of your own voice, and ethos for your site. Whilst retaining my own authentic voice.
  • I love to guide and teach people. Without lecturing to them,
  • I resonate with empaths, HSPs, INFJs or INFPs (Myers Briggs) types, spiritual and truth seekers
  • They will leave with valuable insights, tools, or tips to help them deeply reflect, heal, or empower their new healthy living and soul wellbeing ideas.
  • On a personal note if you'd like to work with me or engage in my healing offerings feel free to checkout my website:

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Profile artwork for Dr Egypt Iredia
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