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Dave Koll

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“Estrangement is destroying families and relationships. A perfect storm affecting generations of families. Who will tell your story?”

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About Me

Dave will never cease in his desire to shine in a way that helps others find their way.  He is a mesmerizing storyteller and author of Letters to William. Dave sees this book as not an end to the story, but just the beginning of reconnecting many relationships locked in a struggle to find their way back together.

His passion is teaching and developing others to become better versions both personally and professionally. When you meet Dave you’ll be drawn to his energy and spontaneity

People may believe they are powerless to others’ decisions, but I believe every prayer will find its intended destination..

I believe reading my personal stories will help you truly process and give you hope when so many are trying to convince you there is none. There is no perfect family or perfect life. These letters will take you on an amazing journey of faith and pain. You will laugh and cry along the way and even learn a few things from Grandpa Champ.

May Letters to William bring sunshine to the darkness and pain. You are not alone.


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Profile artwork for Dave Koll
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