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“I was brought up in poverty & bullying, eating fruit and rice because we couldn't afford meat to now owning a successful marketing agency.”

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Reach & Credibility Hacker

Daniel Phung is a marketing entrepreneur and agency owner. He grew up amidst poverty as his parents were refugees from Vietnam. In his mission to ensure other kids do not go through the same financial hardships he did, he decided to help other businesses scale and become profitable. He now helps personalities and brands scale their businesses and outreach through PR (Forbes, Vogue, Entrepreneur, Yahoo), social growth and business consulting. He has been featured on publications such as Influencive and Yahoo Finance.

In his own agency, Full Books Marketing, he helps 7-8-and 9 figure brands and personalities scale up their businesses through the use of innovative (and sometimes controversial) marketing methods.

Daniel has spent millions of dollars on digital advertising for his client’s businesses, and has a firm grasp on what works and what doesn’t work online.

Gear: I use a Shure SM7B processed by a Rodecaster PRO for all podcast guest interviews. I also stream with a SonyA6000 + Sigma 16mm f1.4 which I am happy to send the recording to your for your own repurposing.

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Profile artwork for Daniel Phung
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