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Damian Andrews

“Life is hard for many people. But not everyone. For others it's easy. I'm Sliding Elephants through Eyes of Needles. What do you Choose?”


About Me

National and international companies, their leaders, managers and staff pay big $$ to use my technologies for easier, more successful and fulfilled lives and profitability.

I’ve taken the revenue of a small family company from $8m to $25m in 18 months, during COVID lockdowns.

In two weeks I took all company employees (including old men who didn’t like change) happily from hand written time cards to apps on their phones, dramatically improving efficiency and reducing cost.

Men driving down the street have come to a screeching halt and got out of their Pick-Up to say ‘thank-you’ to me for saving their business.

With a little guidance I’ve revived marriages returning them to nights of explosive passion.

A private equity firm I run consistently achieves double digit returns. Cash in the bank.

At 14 my son is amazing and I’ve never yelled at him, ever, including to do his homework. :)

Every day I feel amazing accomplishment, success and gratitude. Every single day!! 

Life is not hard.

However, while there are simple principles that make life easier, knowing them is not enough.

You need to implement.

Big companies have large budgets to pay for implementation.

That kind budget may not be within your reach, which is why created a Pateon.

I’ve created packages to get you underway. To help you generate extra income, feel fulfilled and find love.

If that appeals to you, pick a package that works and let’s get you started.

As others trudge uphill in a blizzard, frozen wet feet sinking deep into soggy mush. You can glide down perfectly groomed, lightly powdered ski slopes basking under a beautiful azure sky with an endless smile on your face.

I’m a CEO, International Speaker, philanthropist and father and I demystify the simple and easy life and business steps to growing your revenue and profit. 

I speak to audiences around the globe bringing fresh life to often overlooked fundamental principles essential for rapid success.

Unleash Your Potential 

Let me help you Slide Elephants through Eyes of Needles

My background includes:

Australian Army - Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) 

Corporate Recovery Specialist

Construction Commercial and Contracts Expert 

Operational Efficiency Professional 

Founding CEO - Family Peace Foundation

Founder - (Strong Healthy and Inspiring Relationships) 

Founder & CEO -

Author and Educator 

Business sectors include manufacturing, property holdings, IT, retail, professional services, large retail fitouts, apartments, commercial, civil, infrastructure, road, rail and renewable energy.

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Profile artwork for Damian Andrews
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