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“An expert in human behaviour & the Creator of The Universal Needs, specialising in business, leadership, mental health and relationships”

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About Me

International Consultant, Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Speaker, Claire Brummell is an expert in human behaviour. After 10 years of working with clients from San Francisco to Shanghai on a range of challenges and life areas from business, money, work-life balance and leadership to relationships, parenting, stress management and self-worth, Claire began to notice that there was a pattern.

More importantly, she realised that the exact same fundamental issues were at the root of every one of her client’s problems, which meant that there was a single solution that would provide the foundation to helping them ALL make the shifts they wanted, needed and deserved. That was when The Universal Needs transformational methodology was developed.

The Universal Needs is a unique model and methodology that helps people to understand the 12 Universal Needs we all have, the reasons they are not currently being well met and how to consistently meet them in quick, easy and simple ways that are sustainable not only for themselves, but for their loved ones and their wider communities.

Through working with individuals Claire helps people to understand how consistently meeting their own Universal Needs is VITAL to supporting all the most important areas of their life including relationships, mental health, self-worth, working life, resilience, parenting, boundaries, emotional wellbeing and more.

Claire’s work training and consulting with organisations helps to create workplaces that operate in ways that ensure that everyone's Universal Needs are consistently met from leadership down to the line level to create more effective work environments, enhance employee engagement and get better business results.

As creator of 'The Universal Needs' transformational system, Claire has the ability to get right to the heart of any issue, and provide practical, step-by-step tools to address the root cause, so that her clients can remove their dependency on other people and situations, and come to every aspect of their life feeling more resourced, emotionally resilient and fulfilled.


Just some of Claire's key area of expertise:


Business / Leadership / HR, for example:

- How to create a Destination Workplace

- How to prevent the labour crisis from affecting your organisation

- How to use the 'great resignation' to transform your workplace

- How to stop the best employees from quitting

- How to support the mental health of your teams

- How to create an extraordinary customer experience

- The key to employee engagement that most organisations don't know

- Creating the culture that will transform your organisation


Mental Health & Wellbeing, for example:

- How to set and enforce healthy boundaries

- How to deal with 'negative' emotions

- The causes of anxiety and how to heal them

- How to stop other people draining you

- The 3 different types of trauma and how to heal them

- Mental Health recovery in the wake of COVID

- The keys to building self-worth


Relationships, for example:

- How to avoid the biggest relationship mistakes

- How to recover your relationship in the aftermath of COVID

- How to discover and secure your attachment style

- Why are toxic relationships so enticing?


Psychology, for example:

- Why Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, is incomplete, ineffective and harmful.

- The difference between self-worth and confidence

- The causes of anxiety and how to heal them

- The difference between meeting needs and masking them

- The difference between being selfish, selfless and Selfirst


As featured in:

- BuzzFeed, Yahoo!Life, Real Business, The Food Institute, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Mother & Baby, LBC Radio

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