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Carli Bauzá-Feliciano

Mexico Spanish, English

“They call me Life Sherpa: Mountain and Life Guide. I help you reactivate your Life Purpose & upgrade your mind to reach your next summit.”

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About Me

They call me Life Sherpa - your guide in the mountains and in life.

Curious, energetic, and unorthodox in Spanish & English.

I guide people above and below the clouds to see into themselves and find deeper meaning, even if they're already "successful". With my own methodologies we re-acquaint with Life Purpose, define direction, reprogram beliefs and habits that keep you stuck to help you grow beyond current limitations. My work is an upgrade to your OS so you can streamline your experience of and impact on life.

Always pushing my own physical and mental boundaries, as I can only take you as far as I've dared to go myself.

Through still images I show my world to those who do not see it as I do, or won't visit the places I've been. And I love to document events so your memories will last forever.

Now, drop a line and tell me about YOU - I'd love to know!

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Profile artwork for Carli Bauzá-Feliciano
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