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“Podcaster (Conversations with Calvin We the Species), Journalist, Author, Professor, Novelist, BBall, No meat, Comedy, Environment”

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About Me

I’m a journalist for njdiscover, a novelist(just finished 2nd novel, “There’s A Tortoise in My Hair; A Journey to Spirit”) and broadcaster; produced and co-hosted a local cable TV talk show here in central Jersey and currently serve on Advisory Committee of Women’s Health Institute at Rutgers RWJ Medical School, ONE HEALTH (Human, Plant, Animal) NJ Steering Committee. And in September, 2019, I taught a class in Career Explorations at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. And in September, 2020, started a series of YOU TUBE global podcast interviews; "Conversations with Calvin; We the SpecIEs" focusing on diversity of content, people, careers,

And recently helped to form a global group of environmentalists. ‘Climate Optimists’ (Everything NOT Fine)


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Profile artwork for Calvin Schwartz
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