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“Your Audience hasn’t heard what I have to share...”

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Get Busy Living! Or Get Busy Dying!

Which one are you feeling right now? Are you in a prison and don’t have the key to get out? Do you feel trapped when it comes to your Career, Relationship or Well Being?

Brent Scarpo, former casting director for films, The Shawshank Redemption, Air Force One, That Thing You Do & Matilda and now Intuitive Life Coach brings together life lessons he discovered in Hollywood to his Life Coaching business, co-creating miracles with his clients.

Specializing in high school, college and millennials, he has worked in this arena for over 30 years. His program, “Millennials are Amazing”, transforms careers & relationships into a “Get Busy Living” mindset. Using his, “Twenty Shawshank Life Coaching Lessons", clients experience a FREEDOM like Tim Robbins character, Andy Dufresne.

The time is now. If you want out of prison, consider Brent Scarpo as your guest.

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