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I have had a remarkable career and life that has taken many twists and turns. From being a US service member in the Air Force to being a Certified Health Coach, the one common denominator has been a desire to serve others.  Several years after struggling with multiple health issues (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, depression, and pre-diabetes) and learning what the body needs to perform optimally, I made the switch to a plant-based diet. I highly credit this lifestyle for helping me to improve my overall health. I am no longer taking prescription meds. Since 2016, I have helped countless individuals lose weight and to adopt a plant-based diet.

I am a trusted Certified Health Coach that gets results. As a speaker, I captivate, inspires, and educate my audience through compelling stories. My main goal is to inspire others to lead the charge for healthy eating and exercise. 

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Profile artwork for Brenda Bradley, PhD
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