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Anastasia Hisel

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“Meet Anastasia Hisel, Founder and CEO of Atma, a wellness marketplace app offering retreats, classes, therapists, practitioners on demand.”

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About Me

Serial 3rd time Entrepreneur, originally from Ukraine, I came to the states at age 8 without knowing a word in English. The day after high school graduation I moved to NYC with $1000 in my pocket. Prior to creating Hello Atma, I created my own prominent modeling and talent agency. It was a true powerhouse, with offices across USA, we built the company from scratch and within a few years attracted 7,000 clients and her services were highly sought-after by notable corporations such as Pepsi, Nike, Alice and Olivia, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales.

After a successful and lucrative exit, Hisel is now prepared to completely disrupt the health and wellness industry with her latest tech startup, Hello Atma.

I can cover topics: Leadership, Growth, Immigrant, Female in Tech, Wellness, Marketplace business, entrepreneurship, I can talk about failure but coming back stronger than ever, starting from scratch, power of community, where wellness is going next, self development, and my journey coming to my own.

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Profile artwork for Anastasia Hisel
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