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Amy Denicke DC, IFMCP

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“I'm always looking for the most amazing outdoor adventure and marrying it with healthy bio-hacks that feed the mind, body, and soul.”

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About Me

I live just outside of Aspen Colorado and have a ravenous hunger for big mountain adventure. I'm a functional medicine doctor and chiropractor that incorporates food and bio-hacking techniques as medicine which power my bold endurance adventures. Athletes such as marathon runners, climbers, triathletes, cyclists, etc.. don't have time for body pain and gut problems while doing what they love. I help people, especially athletes, with their guts and hormones. Dialing in nutrition is only part of it, as learning the art of recovery, rest, and repair is important is well. If you don't rest, you don't digest and vice versa. I have learned the value of working-in which is just as important as working out.

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Profile artwork for Amy Denicke DC, IFMCP
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