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Allan Clarke (MSc)

“As at home discussing Freud’s psychosexual development as George Carlin’s 'Seven Dirty Words.'”


About Me

You want to talk about mental health but you want to make it entertaining, that’s why you want someone who has the knowledge, the clinical experience and the Irish gift of the Blarney.

Allan is the proprietor of Kildare Psychotherapy & Counselling and former host of the Straight Talking Mental Health podcast (which ran for 3 years and 125 episodes). He holds a BSc (Honours) degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy and an MSc in Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy. His Masters dissertation was on Video Game Addiction and his own study area of interest is in neuroscience and trauma. He am also a Certified Trauma Specialist with the Trauma Institute International.

He is a highly sought speaker and delivers lectures and workshops to parents, schools, health groups and also presents corporate workshops on mindfulness. As a male therapist he is frequently asked to deliver talks to groups on men's mental health.

His down to earth explanation of complex issues, his thousands of client hours experience and his sense of humour means he is able to discuss the presenting issues in a relatable manner.

He is a self-confessed nerd, stand up comedy lover, frustrated golfer, Formula 1 fanatic and will forever be a 90's hip hop kid at heart. He's been playing video games since the Spectrum 48k and when he finds the time he indulges in his other love – acting. In 2012 he won Best Actor at the All Ireland Drama finals.

Discussion points from his life:

·        Grew up in a council estate

·        Alcoholic father & depressed mother

·        Broken home (not even a child of divorce because his parents separated when he was a kid and still aren’t divorced)

·        Near suicide as a teen

·        Experience of depression

·        Former hip hop DJ & rapper featured on Irish radio & TV (yes he's white and Irish)

·        Award winning Actor (2012 Best Actor All Ireland Finals)

·        College at 33 for a Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy

·        Masters in Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy

·        Single Dad

·        Children ranging in age between 27 – 7 (got a do over)

·        Over a decade of clinical experience in private practice

·        Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s) at 44

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Profile artwork for Allan Clarke (MSc)
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