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You're Still Doin' That?

“Talk about what you did as a kid that you still do as an adult.”


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Hello! On my Podcast, I interview people about the things they enjoyed as a kid that they still enjoy as an adult.

Toy collectors, Film buffs, Cosplay, Music, Sports fans, Metaphysical, Travel, Fitness, Martial Arts, Family traditions, basically anything that you've carried with you from your youth to now.

I record virtually or in person if close enough to North Carolina.

I normally write a 3 part script during a pre-show interview so that you get to tell your stories and I remember to ask the right questions.

At the end of the show I always ask 6 rapid fire questions that are the same to all my guests. It's fun to see how people answer.

I am very laid back and low pressure. This should be a conversation and a learning experience for myself and listeners, as you tell your journey and we get to learn all about your passion.

The show is just me. It is very new buy I love it and look forward to new guests.

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You're Still Doin' That? | Sanford NC

You're Still Doin' That?, Sanford, North Carolina. 155 likes · 67 talking about this. Conversations with folks about things they did in their youth that has endured into adulthood.

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You're Still Doin that?

Profile artwork for You're Still Doin' That?
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