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Wise Roots

“Discussions on indigenous and ancient wisdom, healing, and trauma to help us reconnect and live in more grounded ways.”


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This is a place we’re there will be discussions on indigenous and ancient wisdom, where we’ll re-discover knowledge, stories, ways of thinking and being that indigenous people have know and practiced for a very long time, and that we are missing in the modern western world. I say missing because not only is it not present, but I think many of us also long for it.

We long for a deeper connection to the land. We long for a more natural way of life. We long to experience the mystical and spiritual in more profound ways, and not just when we’re sitting down to ‘do’ our meditation or yoga, but to live it in every breath we take.

I think that the absence of this wisdom, this way of being is one of the major root causes of so many of the troubles we find ourselves facing today.

We’ll be exploring ideas and discoveries that are not part of the dominant narrative, that bridge science and spirituality: from human origins and our history, ancient and high civilisations, healing, health and stories that make us think in different ways - even when changing our way of thinking becomes deeply unsettling and disorienting.

We’ll be exploring trauma (both individual and collective), and how we can listen and relate to trauma, work with it and heal it.

We’ll be seeing if there’s a human thread that weaves through different cultures, practices and ways of living.

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Profile artwork for Wise Roots
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