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What's the value?

“All different guests, from different backgrounds/perspectives, are asked one question: what's the value (of your belief/vision/objective)?”


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SEASON 2- Coming Soon

Note to potential guests-- if you are familiar with the format (referenced below) I am going to be changing things a bit for a new season. The concept is still geared around the question "What's the value?" but with a different lens on it.

In this new season, I will be talking to guests about the value of a strongly held belief, vision, or objective they have in their lives. This can range from a business idea, a personal/spiritual belief, a political or social agenda, or a focus of their career.

What will not change is the focus on deep conversations, questioning, challenging, and pressure testing. If anything, by narrowing the focus more to a specific idea/belief/etc. it will allow the conversation to stay more on that topic and more time for probing.

I still believe very deeply that questioning and challenging is critical to understanding. So I want to have conversations with those who feel really passionately about their belief and discuss how much they've tested and challenged it. My hope is that it will help those listening better understand the guest's perspective while also helping the guest to better understand themselves and their belief.

I have no intent of changing anyone's mind or pushing a belief system, I am here for the exploration. I believe the best ideas should be able to survive these types of conversations, if anything it makes them stronger.

For reference here is the old description/format of the show from Season 1--

Every episode is a one on one conversation with a guest, where I ask them one simple question to start-- "what's the value?" By that I mean what is the value that matters most to you, that guides your purpose in life, that makes you who you are? That is where things get interesting. We spend the rest of the show exploring, dissecting, pressure testing, and ultimately trying to better understand that value and the guest's underlying philosophy on life. It is raw, authentic, and thought provoking; and hopefully by the end we'll learn something that makes us better people.

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