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Wellness Wednesday w/ D.B. Marshall

“Bridging community gaps through the art of wellness from an LBGTQ+ perspective. Real-Life Experiences, Real-Talks, and Real-Change.”


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Hi, I'm D.B. Marshall, a wellness coach who enjoys empowering and inspiring people to live positively with positivity. I understand that our journeys experience adversity on all human levels. However, we must use them to help transform and elevate us to a higher level of self-awareness. On Wellness Wednesday, we explore and discuss modern-day topics to increase self-awareness in the hope of normalizing real-life experiences by educating individuals in communities across the world. Every race, color, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc., is welcome. Just be respectful! LBGTQ LIVING LIFE WELL!

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Profile artwork for Wellness Wednesday w/ D.B. Marshall
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