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“A stage for true stories of sexual/personal emancipation”


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Are you different? Did you stray from the norm, break with the herd? Did you suffer through shame, doubt, isolation and loss for the right to walk your own path? 

Can you tell us about it?

Created especially with writers and storytellers in mind, "Unashamed" showcases stories from unapologetically original lives. We welcome rebels from all fields, but have a particular interest in stories about unique sexual, gender, spiritual and religious identities, as well as untraditional relationships and families. Read an excerpt from your book, or simply tell us your story, and we and the listeners will then discuss it. "Unashamed" is broadcasted live (and with live audience participation) on Wisdom App. The episodes are recorded and released at a date later on Spotify, I-tunes and other major podcast distributors.

ABOUT US: UNASHAMED is hosted by Master Joshua and Karma. Master Joshua is a professional Dominant (the male equivalent of a Dominatrix) and a Non-Traditional Sexual Behaviors consultant. He helps people resolve their shame surrounding taboo sexual desires and identities. Karma, His sex slave, is a kink reporter + publisher, and a happily married (to another man) mother of two. She's the author of "Surviving Master Joshua: The BDSM Memoir Of An Unfaithful Wife" (Carnal Culture, April 2022). We both know shame... and the freedom from it.

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Profile artwork for UNASHAMED
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