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“Two Geeks Talking is an Entertainment Interview show since 2008, over 1200 interviews w/creators in TV/Film, Comics, Music, & Video Games.”


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Discover a new kind of entertainment with Two Geeks Talking. We're not your typical interview show – think of us as a pumped-up version of Inside the Actors Studio. Since 2008, we've done over 1000 interviews with indie and pro creators in TV/Film, Comics, Music, and Video Games. Tune in for backstage stories, useful tips, and deep questions in our one-on-one interviews, offering an inside look into the minds shaping the entertainment world.

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This payment guarantees that the Guest (you) get the following: 28 or 58 minute interview to specifically dive into your product, service and content. Targeted online ads based on your geography/demographic towards your website/store through YouTube, Facebook, etc. For a 30-day period. Interviews

Two Geeks Talking | a podcast by Kurt Sasso

Two Geeks Talking is an Entertainment interview show with over 1,000+ interviews in Comics, TV/Film, Music & Video Game industries. We bring fellow Geeks, Nerds and Creative people to the show in a one-on-one (or more) style interview similar to Inside the...

Profile artwork for Two Geeks Talking
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