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“Take the first step to lasting change and find hope, healing, and freedom in Jesus Christ.”


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In this podcast series, Licensed Pastoral Counselor Stacy Echeverria delves into the pain points, struggles, and challenges that individuals face in their lives, offering insights on how they can find hope, healing, and freedom through Jesus Christ. She does this by sharing her personal journey to illustrate how she reached her current place of peace and fulfillment. Additionally, Stacy provides practical steps for beginning an emotional healing journey with Jesus, interspersed with encouraging words from the Bible and moments of prayer throughout the show.

I'm looking for guests that can offer my audience hope and inspiration in a world filled with pain. Do you have a testimony that will bring hope to a lost, hurt, and broken world? If you do, then I want to hear from you! Now more than ever people are looking for something to hold onto to get them through the challenges and struggles they're experiencing daily. Let's talk about how Jesus changed your life and how you can offer hope, healing, and freedom that will set the captives free!

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Christian Counseling for Individuals and Couples

I'm passionate about helping people successfully resolve their fears and heal their emotional wounds. Take the first step toward a life filled with hope, healing, and freedom.

True You Ministries | Christian Counseling

Licensed Pastoral Counselor Stacy Echeverria discusses various pain points, struggles, or challenges in a person's life and how they can experience hope, healing, and freedom in Jesus Christ. She will be sharing from her own life how she came to where she is today, as well as offering practical steps a person can take to start their journey of emotional healing with Jesus. Throughout the show, she will also offer words of encouragement from the Word of God as well as prayer. #biblicalcounseling #trueyouministries, #pastoralcounseling

Profile artwork for True You Ministries
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