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Transform with Claire

“Personal stories of hope, and modalities/tools for improving mental health and healing that inspire and empower listeners.”


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Transform with Claire is a podcast dedicated to empowering our audience with actionable steps, inspiration, and expert insights for personal transformation. We share authentic and vulnerable stories of transformation to help ignite a sense of hope and empowerment. We discuss evidence-based treatments and modalities that help listeners learn how to regulate your nervous system, reprogram their subconscious mind and become their highest self. 

By joining us on the show, you will have the opportunity to share your transformative journey and highlight your specialized knowledge and services. Our platform serves as a powerful space to inspire and motivate our audience, encouraging them to take meaningful action in their own lives, based on your insights and expertise.

Whether you are a healer, coach, or mental health practitioner, we believe your perspective and offerings can make a profound impact on our listeners. Through thought-provoking conversations, we will explore the techniques, practices, and approaches that have brought you success in your field.

Our episodes are carefully crafted to provide a balance of personal stories, practical advice, and expert insights, all centered around the power of healing, growth, and self-improvement. We strive to create an authentic space where our guests can share their experiences and leave our audience feeling inspired and empowered.

Topics include: relationships, spirituality, happiness, identity, self-esteem, stigmas in mental health, tools and modalities for improving mental health and healing

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Transform with Claire | Breathwork + Somatic Therapy | Trauma Coaching | Nervous System Regulation | Attachment Healing | Breathwork | Mindfulness | Meditation | Anxiety Treatment | Somatics

Get unstuck and start thriving with Claire, a Certified Integrative Trauma Practitioner and Breathwork Teacher. Break free from trauma, regain control of your nervous system, and leave survival mode behind for good. Explore Somatic Therapy, Individual and Group Breathwork, Energy and Sound Healing, Nervous System Rewiring, Polyvagal Theory, Vagus Nerve, Inclusive Somatic Therapist |Transform with Claire | Breathwork + Somatic Therapy | Trauma Coaching

Profile artwork for Transform with Claire
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