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Transcending Trauma

“"Having real life conversations and the latest information on topics such as suicide, mental health, trauma, neuroscience & many others"”


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Transcending Trauma opens up the conversation around some of life’s toughest challenges, those before and after moments in life, when the world that we are living in changes, and we find ourselves in unknown territory.

To transcend our own trauma, we need to learn how to find a way back to safety and connection, learning can be a process of discovery and mastery of our lived experiences, and making small changes can lead to transformational change.

Join Moniquea Spiteri as she takes you on a journey of discovery through the mind and the body, speaking with the pioneers in the latest mind body research, including people who have lived with and overcome trauma, experienced life on the brink and transformed to tell their story.

Through these shared experiences, their stories will give you hope, direction and inspiration, that just like they have, you can transcend trauma too.

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Profile artwork for Transcending Trauma
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