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Tradies Success Podcast

“We aim to elevate the perception of the trade industry, and tradespeople, everywhere.”


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The Tradies Success Podcast is hosted by "the Singing Electrician" Greg Allan, the serial entrepreneur & founder of the No.1 success coaching platform for tradies globally.

With inspiration from Silicon Valley, the 34-year-old Academy founder has redefined the trade industry and transformed thousands of businesses globally since 2016. His podcasts are among the most listened to in the industry worldwide.

The weekly podcast features panels of experts and thought-leaders, success stories, and key insights into the latest industry news and regulatory changes.

The tailored coaching programs within the Tradies Success Academy cover every aspect of running a successful business, from marketing to mental health, with a team comprised of over 20 specialists and coaches.

This podcasts aims to bring the knowledge & inspiration responsible for taking thousands of trade businesses to the next level, to a much wider audience.

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Profile artwork for Tradies Success Podcast
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