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At LeadSimm LLC, I know that you want to be an influential and impactful leader. To do that, you need training and consulting that prepares leaders to take action in an ever-changing VUCA World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) that is, among other issues, amid a transformational shift in the relationship between the skilled talent pool and the entity we call the organization. Regardless of the profit motive, the Talent Wars Are Over, and the Talent Won!

Fueled by the halving of the birth rates over the last 70 years, the intrinsic motivation to work for more than just a paycheck, and the retirement of older workers because of the pandemic, organizations are now coming to grips with the reality that the future limiting factor for growth is talent, pure and simple. In fact, we now live in a seller’s market, and the talent is the seller, so much so that they are dictating the terms under which they will hire on and stay.

To that end, attracting, hiring, engaging, and especially retaining top talent has become a crucial challenge for most organizations. Without the ability to do so, operations, such as providing a service or creating a product, will grind to a halt.

But it doesn’t end there.

In addition, the headlong dive into the ethical dilemmas posed by the wide-scale adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) across sectors, amplified by those who desire hybrid work opportunities, is resetting the tumblers of age-old hiring methods. Yet one thing is now sure: new models and ideas of leadership are required. Yet nothing has changed for all the strained voices demanding these new ideas.


Mired in the myopic views of leadership as reactive, a set of enumerable traits, a generous helping of charisma, or the instincts of a chameleon to change styles at a moment's notice, leaders fail to recognize the wants and needs of a modern workforce where five generations are engaged together, mutual trust is transcendent, and freedom and liberty drive generational shifts. Moreover, the other side of the leadership equation, where practices and actions determine the worth of any leadership concept, is rarely invoked or discussed.

These factors combine to make leaders feel overwhelmed, ill-equipped, and seemingly caught in the shifting sands of the talent acquisition and retention storm. Moreover, the ever-present issue of burnout looms large over the talent already on board, with the remedy often left to the individual's discretion.

Because I am committed to the idea that if you know and take care of your people, your people will take care of you, I have worked for over 30 years to help organizations create foresight and solutions to intractable problems before they happen. My efforts include creating the Throttle Up Accelerated Leadership Learning System, the TSWG Strategic Thinking Method, and the LeadSimm Leadership Impact Simulation. My collaborative leadership model, a result of 30 years of research and training, is founded on a single foundation, Contribution, offering those who would be part of the solution the ability to become involved in the decision-making processes of their organization.

The Throttle Up Leadership podcast provides the knowledge and actionable practices necessary to meet these challenges confidently. I seek guests who are considered experts in their respective fields and willing to help me, my listeners, and viewers with methods and ideas designed to help them live more productive, prosperous, and meaningful lives.

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Profile artwork for Throttle Up Leadership Podcast
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