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“I want to get to know the person beyond the function. Let them articulate their thoughts freely. I may challenge your ideas as needed.”


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The show is inspired mainly by the fact that I genuinely like talking to people, picking thier brain and learning new ideas. I also came to the realization that the media doesn't really report facts but more often than not opinions and try to get hit pieces by almost always lying or telling half truths. I have been encouraged by what I see Joe Rogan doing, Lex Friedman and the ALL IN pod. Just having real conversation can genuinely help you get to the truth and form a first hand opinion of the facts, figurs and person or the subject.

I love to learn and share ideas so this is intended to be a genuine conversation with no other motive than the actual conversation in its context.

The world needs more conversations for solutioning our problems. I want us to be part of that solution movement.

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Think With Armel Tekam: #E001 Anita M. Diop, #AFRICA #languages #ArmelTekam #ThinkWithArmelTekam

Professor Anita M. Diop is the Founder and Executive Director for theAfrican Roots and Heritage Foundation (ARHF), a non-profit organization with a mission ...

Profile artwork for THINK WITH ARMEL
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