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“A podcast for writing your book. Occasional guests who are writing or have published their heart-centered personal growth/biz strategy book”


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The world of business needs more inclusive and intuitive stories and voices. If you are here, then you are curious about disrupting the status quo and activating the power of language, your language, by writing and sharing your amazing message. Dr. Shana Hartman, spouse, mother of 3, and Ph.D. turned embodied writing coach hosts The Written Compass. A podcast for inspiration, education, and activation of powerful new narratives in the world of business and life from heart-centered folks just like you. The podcast is mostly solo-hosted with occasional interviews with published writers or those in the process of writing their self-help, personal growth, and/or heart-centered business strategy book.

Shana Hartman is a Ph.D. turned embodied writing coach. Her 15+ years of experience as an English professor informs her work now as the CEO of Synergy Wellness, a multifaceted company that serves her local community of Shelby, NC through massage and BodyMind Coaching, and Synergy supports others virtually through coaching programs focused on using the wisdom of the body as a guide for creating an abundant life. Her favorite way to listen and get embodied is through writing! She is most-known for supporting heart-centered business owners in getting their amazing messages out into the world in a powerful book. When not coaching and working with her clients, she can be found hanging with her family of five in her 1924 home in Shelby or exploring a new city with her hubby, Jeff. Connect with Shana on Instagram @shanahartman_

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Profile artwork for The Written Compass
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