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The Witching Half Hour or so....

“Are you a spiritual buisness or coach? Have you written a book or created a Tarot deck? Showcase it on my podcast. Reach my dedicated coven!”


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My show "The Witching Half Hour or so..." is a pagan podcast where I share my wisdom and experience as a practicing Witch.

I invite spiritual practitioners on to share their story and highlight their offerings. Topics my guests have covered have include: the creative process of making an oracle deck, Chakra dancing and how being an fitness trainer evolved into a spiritual buisness, working with ancestral wounds, paranormal investigations.... and my favorite topic tarot cards.

My show typically runs for 30 minutes, just like the title implies...

Links to my guests websites and offerings are listed in the shownotes on my webpage.

I ask that guests share with their followers that they will be featured in an episode. And that they provide me with a bio, a photo and their links

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Profile artwork for The Witching Half Hour or so....
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