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The Wicket Train Podcast

“Here on the Wicket Train, We provide sporting news and our own takes on the sporting world! We specialize in Australian Rules and Cricket.”


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Hello and Welcome to The Wicket Train Podcast. On our podcast we strive to bring all the sporting news and updates. We also provide weekly analyses of the sports from the weekend. Been recording since 2022, and we are just finding another gear with 2024. With Host Levi leading the way, surrounding by a team looking to change sport content for the better! We hope you join us on the Wicket Train Podcast. If you want to see what more we can do, you can find us on Tiktok, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube!

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Wicket Train

Hello and welcome to the wicket train, 6 lads trying to have some fun. From gaming to cricket and everything in between we will do it! We also have a Podcast over on Spotify and YouTube. Check out the rest of the socials on instagram and tiktok!!

Profile artwork for The Wicket Train Podcast
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