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“Women + Money = Alpha”


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The Wealth Alpha Podcast, hosted by entrepreneur, author, founder, public speaker, and alternative investments expert Kelly Ann Winget, is a show about all things money from the seat she dragged to the table. Kelly Ann is a gay female fund manager in the private equity world. She’s kicked open doors in male-dominated spaces her entire life, and her mission is to pull other women and minorities through those frames. This podcast aims to create a fun and exciting platform to learn about financial literacy from an industry outsider who helped raise almost $1 Billion in private investments before she was 30. Private Equity, generational wealth, and big dollar deals “ain’t just for the boys” club. Instead, those scales have tipped, and women and minorities have the competitive edge when given the right tools in today’s investment arena. Alpha is a term used to describe a strategy that beats the market, an investment’s edge. In each episode, Kelly Ann will be screaming into the abyss about current events in the financial universe and sharing investment strategies, money basics, and more to help you find your edge and step into your Wealth Alpha.

If you want to understand money, investing, and wealth on a deeper level, then we hope you subscribe and join us each week.

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Profile artwork for The Wealth Alpha Podcast
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