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The VLVT Podcast

“A podcast on tech, psychology, human connection, love, film, sex and the relationship revolution spearheaded by VLVT.”


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Connie Perl, M.A., Founder, President and CEO of VLVT hosts this podcast featuring intimate conversations with experts in their field who talk about dating, relationships, romance, culture, and various topics within the psychological discipline. Ranging from insightful and informative to deeply funny and touching, The VLVT Pod is a place you can come to have fun and engage in thoughtful discourse about human connection, relationships, psychology and shared experience. You can expect to hear personal opinions, dating and relationship anecdotes, significant findings and analyses in the fields of psychology, critical theory, gender studies and media studies, and thought-provoking questions we'd love for you to answer by sending voice notes to @vlvtapp through Instagram DM. Your answers or commentary that are forwarded to VLVT through Instagram might just get played, and discussed, on next week's pod. Can't wait to hear from you — subscribe to the pod now so you don't miss an episode, and follow us on IG @vlvtapp.

VLVT (velvet) is revolutionizing the relational landscape through an app that matches you with others based on values compatibility, seamlessly enhances emotional IQ, and supports mental & relationship health. A relationship app that follows you from first match, to relationships, and throughout your lifespan — VLVT’s innovative tech empowers you with the tools you need to meet, date, nourish & enhance your relationships. Whether single & seeking or in a relationship, download VLVT to experience the first-ever tech powered to help you live your best relational life — backed by psychological and sexological research. Join VLVT to find (or keep) your perfect match & fall in love with yourself along the way. Your love story starts here.

To get in touch with us, email [email protected].

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Profile artwork for The VLVT Podcast
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