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“We're here to discuss all things deep, interesting and controversial. We also help you to get past your own problem(s) while on the podcast.”


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About the show

We're here to discuss all things deep, interesting and controversial. We also help you to get past your own problem(s) while on the podcast live on air. This will make up the end of the podcast. I'm interested in so many topics, from Philosophy to Psychology, from Sports to Science. I'm keen to have some interesting guests on to discuss some deep stuff!! Nothing is off limits, and 'freedom of speech and ideas' is strongly encouraged. This podcast has a self-improvement undertone. We as a show have a thirst for knowledge and understanding.  

About the host:

I am a 32-year-old Author and Transformational Coach (As well as a Financial adviser/Retirement planner). As a Financial Adviser, I was in the Times Newspaper for one of the Top Advisers in 2021. I am currently ranked as the 16th top player in the UK, for weight u73kg in Judo, as well as being in the GB Masters Squad (Veterans).

I am also a member of Mensa (which means an IQ in the top 2%). I was, however, expelled from a private school for poor behaviour. I have acquired qualifications in Life Coaching, Psychology, and Counselling. 

I like to learn, and I am constantly learning about interesting ideas and topics. Outside of this research, I enjoy hiking/scrambling, and walking the Dog. I love Philosophy, and I enjoy reading about Stoicism. I like to ask myself the big questions, and love deep, interesting conversations. I can speak competently about many topics. I also write on Quora, with almost 20k views.

We as individuals need to ensure that we maximise our potential, by mastering our minds. We also need to ask ourselves the right questions.

I am currently writing a second book which will be a journal with guided daily questions. You will be able to analyse yourself and plan your life out, while becoming your best self.

My first book is 'Become a Person of Value' :

Chapters in the book are:

self-improvement, physicality, attitude and mentality, spirituality, alpha and the sigma, motivation, goals, power, energy and vibrations, sales, psychology, regret, affirmations, time management, negotiating, words, strategy, faith, limiting beliefs, purpose, subconscious mind, communication, gratification, gratitude, morning routine, finance, admitting you are the problem.

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Profile artwork for The Vanquish Podcast
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