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The Recovered On Purpose Show

“A space to expose the addiction recovery community to personal development, growth, and impact not learned in treatment.”


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The Recovered On Purpose Show began with the mission of exposing addicts in recovery to personal development, encouraging stories, leadership, and all the other topics necessary to live an amazing life beyond just quitting drugs and alcohol.

Recovered On Purpose was founded with the mission of raising up addicts in recovery to live purpose-driven, passionate lives in their recovery by becoming leaders who share their stories confidently and powerfully and save lives in the process.

The Recovered On Purpose Show has had a range of guests including a CEO of a multimillion dollar credit repair company that taught the community tips to fixing their credit, Dr. Darlene Mayo taught 5 mind hacks for addicts in recovery from a neuroscientist/neurosurgeon, a professional fighter turned coach who teaches how to go from victim mindset to overcomer mindset, and a range of different stories of recovery and success.

The Show can be pre-recorded to air live to my audience of 63k+ on Facebook and YouTube, or (if your schedule allows) can be done live in front of the audience to be engaging with comments and questions that come in to serve the listeners in between topics.

I have shared my story with millions of people around the world and have the opportunity to do so multiple times per day for my community and other's. This show is not about me or what I have learned, but it is all about YOU and what you can serve my community with.

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Profile artwork for The Recovered On Purpose Show
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