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The Pushback

“A Onewheel Podcast showcasing top riders, inventors, and brand owners surrounding the Board Sport of Onewheel.”


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The Pushback is a show all about the culture, riders, and sport of Onewheel riding.

It all started with a simple idea created by a couple passionate Onewheel riders to connect with, and create content around the dopest riders in the scene. ✊ 

☠️The Pushback vision? 

To push riders around the globe to shred, float, and feel the stoke. 🤙

So, waddaya say, Private? Ready to join the ranks of the most passionate riders in the scene?

Listen in for exclusive content!

for feedback, questions, or ideas on how we can improve, email

>> [email protected]


Let’s push the limits together, and ride the pushback. 🤙

[Show Produced By Soundfall]

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Profile artwork for The Pushback
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