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“The PolyCast is made for the Multidisciplinary people, and the generalists/polymaths of the world. Don't know what that is Feel free to ask!”


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NOTE: Don't just spam your book to right hook your way onto the show. I'm more than happy to give you time at the end to share your work, but it shouldn't be the first thing you send over

Welcome to The Polymath PolyCast! I'm Dustin Miller PolyInnovator, your host, guiding you through a journey of polymathy, where we celebrate the intellectually curious, the creatively diverse, and the endlessly innovative.

In Season 7, we continue exploring the limitless potential of polymaths, multipotentialites, and generalists. Join us as we delve into the minds of extraordinary individuals who embody the polymathic spirit.

Our show offers two captivating series:

  1. Multidisciplinary Interviews: Discover unique approaches to learning and gain insights from polymaths and masters of diverse skills.
  2. Fireside MicroPolyCast: Experience stimulating conversations with me, Dustin Miller, offering bursts of ideas and thought-provoking discussions.

At The Polymath PolyCast, we believe in the boundless pursuit of knowledge and interdisciplinary thinking. Join us to unleash your own polymathic potential and discover the beauty of versatile thinking.

Explore The Polymath PolyCast at and ignite your curiosity today!


🎙I released a micro-polycast episode explaining my personal brand a bit! It may be helpful to you!

PolyInnovator is the umbrella of my content, of which The Polymath PolyCast and interviews are a part of!


Things to Know: This is a video podcast, so please let me know if you aren't comfortable with that, or need to chat first to feel more relaxed!

Also don't be afraid to get #META. Tangents are often the meat of a podcast, or in this case polycast, so if it is a unique idea share it! I go with the flow of the conversation, and ask questions accordingly, even if they aren't on the list.


🎥Watch Them Here:

They're all listed here!



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There is a world of innovations out there to be found, and it is going to take a Polymath to find them. Subscribe to the OmniContent, & start your Modegree!

Profile artwork for ⚙️ The Polymath PolyCast ⚙️
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